KID'S KITE CRAFT TUTORIAL {free printable!}

For the teachers, parents, and construction-paper-craft-enthusiasts who follow this blog, I'm sharing this year's 3rd grade spring craft.


  1. construction paper
  2. tissue paper
  3. yarn
  4. glue stick/stapler
  5. scissors
  6. fabric strips

I drew, enlarged, and copied this outline on large 9x18 construction paper...enough for two pages each. Help yourself HERE.

The hardest part for the kids is cutting out the triangular windows.

Then, sandwiched between two cut-out kite outlines, cut tissue paper to the desired shape and glue in place to create a stain glass look. Next, staple a 12" piece of yarn to the bottom.

Finally, tie three to four fabric strips into simple knots up and down along the yarn.

Though not really in condition to take out and fly, they do make pretty window decorations!


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WAKE UP said...

I really like yalls page its tight!!!!

WAKE UP said...

Really like your page its super tight!!!

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