No, we didn't have a baby while in Washington...this is our Niece Adelle. She is such a precious girl.

Tenant Lake: completely covered in lily pads!

This is my "looking directly into the sun" face expression.

The Needle

This is where we watched the fireworks on the fourth...Rachel used her amazing picture taking skills to capture this!

What a hottie! Rachel's first time to Canada!

Larabee State Park...I loved coming here growing up! It was fun to take Rachel to see the Puget.

Ferndale...don't blink


Lindsey Springfield said...

Hey Rachel! i just saw your comment on Debbies blog and thought i would check out your site. How are you doing? You look so pretty! Congrats on getting married! Lindsey (Phelps) Springfield

debsfreckles said...

I love Washington.

Erin said...

What awesome adventures you two are having! I think that is so cool. The pictures are great.

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