I recently went downstairs to our cold-storage room and found this bag of potatoes {gleaned from last fall} growing...Medusa hair. I'm thinking it's probably time it was thrown out.

It made me think of our garden. It is currently yielding bushels and bushels of luscious, green...weeds. We haven't even watered it once!

In our defense:
1.) I do have some successful blooms on our front porch. They make me very happy.

2.) Andrew helped some friends build their house this year for free. As payment, they are sharing with us the benefits of their gigantic garden...without the work of watering and weeding!

The peas were ripe first. We were just over there picking buckets and buckets full.
{Andrew and Josh}

Our freezer is now stocked with the yummiest of garden peas.

I'm excited for the corn, onions, beans, cantaloupe, carrots, and lettuce to come!


Jessica said...

That is a rather scary bag of potatoes! I wonder what would happen if you just let them keep growing? Would the runners just keep getting longer?

I think you have a great garden agreement with your friends! All the benefits and none of the work expect harvesting. PERFECT! I am sad to say that my garden experiment didn't turn out very well. Due to the tree that shades our porch we just don't get enough sun and my poor little plants didn't grow very well. Oh well . . .

As always I love your posts and life in Idaho sounds happy! Keep smiling and taking beautiful picutres . . . I LOVE THEM!

Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

I have a phobia of potatoes growing those things...they freak me out so bad I freeze, or scream helplessly...It's quite pathetic...I have to check my potatoes daily so as not to have to deal with them. Your veggie pictures are pretty!

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