I got home from work the other day to this shnazzy contraption in the driveway (and Andrew's face in the window to gauge my reaction as I saw it). Andrew is doing work for a friend who lives almost an hour away. To keep making the trip in Andrew's truck from destroying our wallet, this generous friend has been sharing his more cost efficient vehicles.

That evening, we of course, took advantage of it and went for a drive. Our first order of business was to casually pull up next to a tree at Porter Park where my sister was reading a book. The looks of curiosity, recognition, and then shock on her face at seeing us in a bright red Mercedes convertible was way too much fun.

As fun as it was, I learned very quickly that for me, riding through town in a car like that was like reliving those dreams where you're at school when you suddenly realize you're naked. Everyone that we passed on the road blatantly stared with a goofy grin on their face. I was soon cowering in the seat in an attempt to disappear from view. I've never been one to enjoy the spotlight.

I was able to enjoy the ride once we were out of town and out of sight of everyone we know. It was a surreal feeling to ride through the epitome of rural, agrarian life in such a flashy ride. A convertible sure opened our senses up to the full experience of Idaho country. We could hear the geese calling out as they flew in their V's over the highway, inhale the wheat being harvested in nearby fields, smell that distinct yummy scent of wood burning stoves (and dairy farms), and we even got to enjoy a full moon as we rolled back into town. And then we figured that a night in a convertible wouldn't be complete without a stop at the Sonic drive-thru. What a fun night!

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