TEACHING SCENE TUESDAY--achin' for bacon

There is a student in my class who I love a lot. He is so weird and quirky and funny. He's the sweetest thing and makes me laugh on a daily basis. Recently, he quipped the following to me:

"Mrs. Ashmore, you know what we should do? At the end of the year, let's have a party with bacon ...because I like bacon. And cupcakes. Everyone likes cupcakes. Can we do that, Mrs. Ashmore?"

A few minutes later, I heard him exclaim to no one in particular, his head buried in his desk:

"That's where my mustache went!"

...And because I'm at a loss for a way to follow that, I'll just end now.

Until next time,
Mrs. Ashmore

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am LOVIN' the bacon kid!

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