Andrew and Rachel. Beginning of December. Red pickup truck. 

The Mission?   
Drive for hours in a southerly direction in search of the perfect Christmas spruce to adopt and take home. 

It snowed the entire time. 

When we finally arrived at the mountaintop...

We began our tramp into the forest. A heavily blanketed forest.

It was all great fun wandering through the magically falling snow until...

...our need for snow shoes became emphatically apparent. Here, we had only sunk to our thighs. Not many moments later, I fell in past my belly button, and had to rely on Andrew to rescue me from certain death. 

If I had been alone, my legs would have remained rooted in their glaciated tomb until I starved or froze, whichever came first. And then I probably would have been eaten by wolves.

Have I ever mentioned how I love my Andrew?

As pressure mounted to find our tree before darkness completely fell, there were times we were literally swimming through the forest. This picture was taken just after Andrew advised me to "think light like a ballerina."

Apparently, this tactic doesn't work.

Finally, after excavating a tree from the snow that looked promising, we cut it, dragged it out of the forest, and loaded it into the truck.

And by 1:30 am back at our warm, dry home, the tree was set up and adorned for the holidays marking our mission a success! We are very happy with the addition to our family. But now, I must go and tend to the little sprout. He is in need of some water and many more hours of admiring. 

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