This week, we were officially approved by the bank for a construction loan!!!

Next, we hope to secure a lot in the next few days, and then begin building as soon as possible. We are beyond excited for this next phase in our lives.

Above, is a rendering of what our house will basically look like. The biggest difference between this picture and the real deal is that the garage will be flipped to the side of the house. We love the craftsman style look of it.

We are envisioning the interior to have the same craftsman style with the pretty, wide trim and wood floors. Here are a few examples I've collected from the Internet to give a general idea:

So, Anyway. We'll keep you updated on all the excitement!


Rach said...

That's so exciting! It looks so beautiful.

Andrea said...

Very beautiful! What a fun time for you guys! The built in shelves are my favorite.

Tikla said...

OOOOOooooooh I was just thinking today about what my dream house would look like, I was going to draw it and everything so I could show Austin, guess what...YOU STOLE IT! Right out of my mind! How dare you. :D

Unknown said...

Very nice! Where will you build it?

Rachel Ashmore said...

Thanks, all! =)

Doug: We're settling in Rexburg, Idaho! Who'da thunk it?

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