WEBSITE WEDNESDAY-- Vivian Maier, street photographer

This story about Vivian Maier has fascinated me to no end! 

Watch the video clip below for the juicy details, but let me fill you in on the basics:

  • Thousands of old negatives and rolls of undeveloped film discovered in storage a few years ago
  • Man buys them all at an auction and begins sorting through the boxes
  • Stunned by the beautiful street photography he finds
  • Begins scanning and archiving images never seen by anyone
  • Discovers a name: Vivian Maier
  • Googles her and comes up with an obituary...from a few days before!
  • Through research, finds her to be a private, family-less, old maid nanny 
  • She spent spare time on the streets of Chicago with an old film camera during the 60's
  • Word gets out about this discovery
  • Art exhibitions, documentaries, book offers, and movie offers follow
  • Only a fraction of the images have been scanned--there are so many!
  • Scanning process continues daily
  • Every so often, a new, amazing image will be posted on THIS BLOG.

Her photography captures such a unique life from such a distinct time period. And I am in love with her style: pictures of real people, living real life. No posing, or lights, or editing. Just naturally beautiful.

Here are a few favorites that have been developed thus far: 
(Check out vivianmaier.blogspot.com for the rest.) 


{Make anyone else think of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?}


{poor thing...}

{fantastic perspective...love the shadow framing the women}


{hard day? too much to drink?}

{what a coat!}

{classic look}

{lovely silhouette}

{neighborhood fun}

{Now days, these girls would be chatting through Facebook}

{love the light hitting that adorable expression}

{hello there}


{ya gotta go when ya gotta go}

{He looks slightly baffled over what to do with it}

{Isn't the cigar awesome?}

{such sweet, innocent faces!}

{pick a little, talk a little...}

{lovely lighting on the walls}

{Wowza, what a shawl}

{another classic woman}

{wise, wrinkled face}

{oh. my. goodness. absolutely stunning.}

{i wanna hear the music!}

{one of my very favorites}

Each one tells an amazing story. What are your favorites?

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Those are incredible. Every single one.
I especially like the one of the couple holding hands and the one of the women on the stairs chatting.

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