HOUSE UPDATE--wood floors and doors

I think it's about time for an update. A lot has happened, but pictures don't show the progress of plumbing and electrical so well. The inside and outside is going to change so drastically in just a few days time, I thought I'd hurry and document up to his point. 

This is what the house looked like about a month ago...right after our crazy October snowstorm. 

Exterior doors are installed. I love the vertical lines in the panels. They  look so country. 

Are you as in love with my backdoor view as I am?

Tubs are in. This is our master's JETTED TUB. 

We will be living the high life, folks. 

It was especially exciting to pick out and order our hard wood flooring. We got an amazing deal. Can you guess what kind of wood it is?
Did anybody guess "bamboo"? It is supposed to be extremely durable. This scan of our sample doesn't even do the color justice. This beautiful stuff will be in the entryway, great room, kitchen, and all of the hallways. 
I am so over having traffic paths worn into my hall carpet. 

This was our front door when it first arrived. 

This is after Andrew taped the windows and applied stain.

Ready to install...except for a little decorative piece that we paid for and didn't come until Andrew made a phone call and set the record straight. 

This is what our door will look like with the decorative piece below the windows. 

And here is the house with a front door! I can't believe this picture is already out of date. Things are going to happen fast from here on out! 

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Spencer and Celeste said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see everything finished. I LOVE the flooring choice, by the way!

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