Doughnut, oh, Doughnut
You're wonderful stuff
I love you, oh, Doughnut
I can't get enough. 

You start out as dough
Then you're deep fried in grease 
at this point, my yearning
will only increase.
you're covered with frosting
and sprinkles galore
you're sugar encrusted
I must have some more!

Doughnut, oh, Doughnut
there on my plate
you ease all my sorrows
I think I'll eat eight.
Hang on a minute, 
What's that you say?
my dear friend, the pastry
will only betray?

Doughnut, oh, Doughnut
you've broken my heart
I thought you would love me 
'til death do us part
Alas, you have tricked me,
the results appear grim
Never mind, doughnut...
I'm going to the gym.

--Rachel Ashmore

The result of Andrew leaving town for a week?

Rachel spends her evenings writing love poems to fried, ring-shaped sweets. And speaking in the the third person.

Thank goodness he'll be back tonight.

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Andrea said...

Seriously impressive!

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