That is one of my favorite Christmas card outtakes. I thought it fit the occasion; we have been married for five happy years! Andrew is my perfect fit. 

It is gratifying to have a best friend who can finish my sentences, read my thoughts from facial expressions, and love me even on my ugliest and witchiest of days. He seems to hold the perfect balance between accepting me for me and...patiently giving correction when I'm an irrational twit. That happens every now and again.

He's unfailingly kind. For example, there was the time he pretended to enjoy the pumpkin pie I served (his favorite) until I took a bite and realized...it was completely devoid of sugar. It tasted like poo. (Who does that? Isn't sugar like the most important ingredient of any pie?)

Yesterday, we had an exchange that perfectly illustrates us:
After Andrew spent ten plus minutes listening to me stress before making a silly decision at the store, I said to him:
"Thanks for being patient with me and my insanity." 
To which he very sweetly took my hand and responded:
"You're welcome, babe."
He's lucky I laughed. 

Actually, that's another reason Andrew's so perfect for me. He makes this uptight, much-too-serious gal laugh out loud on a daily basis. He is my happy thought.

That doesn't mean he's perfect, though. If I get an elbow to the eye as he rolls over in bed one more time, Andrew is going to EAT my pillow. Mark my words.

Otherwise, I look forward to an eternity of happy wedding anniversaries. 


Amelia Brame said...

Ahh, that's the sweetest post ever :)

Kristin said...

This post made me laugh out loud. I forgot the sugar in the pumpkin pie last time. Holland didn't get a chance to be polite because I ate a bite first. Gross.

Mrs. Ashmore said...

Funny about the sugar...I was making pumpkin pie once...didn't have the sugar so I popped to the store to get it...STILL FORGOT to put it in! Without it...it's just vegetable (culinarily speaking)

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