Well, the Super Bowl is about to start. I'm still not sure who's playing...but I'm excited for some awesome commercials! 

I'm working on the above flag banner for our Young Women's football-themed New Beginnings this week.

This is what I looked like after a long weekend of paint prep. This phase of the house building pretty much sucks. 

First, we had to putty in every single nail hole...in the baseboards, around the doors and windows, in the closet shelves, crown molding, and the mudroom lockers...before sanding it and caulking every seam. 

Now I haven't really done the math, but I'm guessing there are approximately 500 BILLION nail holes in this here house of ours. Pretty close, anyway. 

But we...meaning Andrew and Lane...got the master bedroom ceiling up! Isn't it gorgeous? It'll be stained this week. 


Michael and Rebecca Bates said...

Love, love, love the ceiling in the master bedroom! Oh I wish we lived in Rexburg so I could see the real thing when you are finished! So far it looks amazing!!

Tiffany said...

I said "OH" when I saw the ceiling. Awesome, OH so awesome!

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