I was in charge of decorating the office bulletin board for the month of May. This is what my kiddies and I came up with.

end of the year bulletin board
My inspiration came, from all things, a party invitation I found on a blog. I just took it a step further. 

I created a letter template in Word to match the theme and assigned my 3rd graders to write to the upcoming third graders. 

  • What do 2nd graders have to look forward to next year?
  • What advice do you have to help them be successful in Mrs. Ashmore's class?

I wanted to make the candy wrappers/that's a wrap idea more obvious to viewers, so I handed paper plates to a handful of early finishers in my class with the instructions to paint giant candies.

They were happy to oblige

I wrapped the painted plates in cellophane and tied two ends with ribbon. 

Not bad for 5 minutes of my time. 

The 2nd graders had fun reading through the letters while they stood in line for lunch, my students got practice with letter writing and cursive, and it was a fun way to end the year. 

A free download of the template is yours below for teachers who are interested. 

That's A Wrap letter writing template

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