I didn't get super creative with the costumes this year. I was just too tired to care. We also bought pumpkins that never got carved and planned decorations that never got put up. I use the excuse that I'm conserving energy for Christmas. 

We went to a Halloween party mid-October and I just pulled out last year's bumblebee costume. Our new neighborhood friends never saw the costume last year anyway. Then I tried to think of something for Andrew that would correlate with a bee. 

A beekeeper? Winnie the Pooh? A honeypot? In the end I found it was easiest to turn him into a bird. 

I had a T-shirt made that said: "Tweet. Tweet." I had Andrew tape craft feathers all over himself. And I planned to make him a baseball cap with a beak, but bought him an Angry Birds hat instead. (Feeling lazy, remember?)

In the end, it was this hat that confused people as to what we really were. They kept saying that I was a bee and Andrew was an Angry Bird...missing the entire "Birds and the Bees" concept entirely. Oh well. 

For school, I couldn't be the bee again.  Last year's kids would remember. So I went further back in time and pulled together my student costume for a second time...again spending the entire day clarifying that I was not a gangster, but a backpack wearing, teacher's pet pest.

I'll try again next year. 


Breanna said...

You are so creative! Aslynn was reading (okay, looking) over my shoulder as I read this and she pointed to Andrew's hat and said it was Perry the Platypus from the Phinneas and Ferb (which is a Disney cartoon show...I think) We don't have TV so I don't know how she thinks she knows this. ??? But she wanted me to tell you that she likes Andrew's hat "A LOT!"

Anonymous said...

very creative! the hat is not an angry bird,but Perry the Platypus.

Serge said...

Lovely bumblebee! That shade of yellow is just lovely! On the other hand, that "bird" costume is just plainly hilarious!

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