A small group of my 3rd graders talked as they worked on a Christmas craft. Somehow, they got on the topic of boys doing gymnastics. A sassy blonde with a mischievous grin stated with great authority that boys only do gymnastics so that girls will like them more. My interest suddenly piqued, I paused to eavesdrop.

The little guy next to her nodded seriously. "My big brother is always working out at the gym...except he's never been on a date. And he's eighteen."

Miss Blondie, suddenly aware that I was listening, turned to address me. "Mrs. Ashmore, the only reason Mr. Ashmore goes to work everyday is because he wants you to be more attracted to him." 

I responded with appropriate nods and words of validation. For this was valuable information indeed. :)

Though I couldn't help but wonder, as I continued on my way. Has Andrew been aware of this truth all along and using it to his advantage? 

And here I though it was my secret! 

Big trucks...ripped Levi's...heavy lifting...power tools...

Attractive indeed.

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