Well said.

So...Rachel Meynders, a friend of ours posted the following about the election. I thought it was perfect. (I hope she doesn't mind me passing it on!) It certainly humbled me and changed my perspective/attitude on last night's election results.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
dont know if you heard,,,

Obama was elected last night. "America has spoken" as McCain said. Now I may not have really wanted him to win (although I did fully expect him to) but I do respect the man and the office he will hold.
If you are still mad/upset about this out come, please:

1)You can not change it, so get over yourself.

2)Be involved in your community.

3)Pray for him. He needs guidance and help just like anyone else does, I mean hes kinda got a lot on his plate. Also, sad to say, I'm sure safety will be an issue for this man, so pray that he will be safe.

Posted by Rach and Chad


Corrine said...

amen!! I totally agree.

Michael Jolley said...

Amen. It's never good for a country to be bitterly divided. There are many who are still bitter that Bush won in 2000 and 2004, and no doubt there will be people who will do the same with the new president. I was very opposed to Obama but I will respect him and pray for him as President of the United States while fighting against any policies and legislation I disagree with.

Rach said...

dont mind at all! i feel famous for being on the ashmore blog:)

chad and i were talking about you guys the other day, how much longer do you plan on being in Idaho? Cause I know you have like a 'real' job, and so does Andrew. hope all is well out there.

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