My First Car Crash

I had a perfectly clean driving record. No tickets and no car accidents. That is until the snow decided to melt in the sun yesterday and then freeze again last night leaving the roads completely covered by one large sheet of ice. It was an awful drive to church and back. But luckily, I can take comfort in the fact that the accident was not my fault...
I had just successfully avoided an accident (I had started to slide toward an Astro Van) with my excellent snow driving maneuvers and was able to successfully stop in a left turn lane. My prayer of gratitude that I didn't hit the van had hardly left my lips before I felt my car get hit from behind. Apparently, a student in our ward couldn't stop his truck on the ice and hit an SUV...which in turn hit me. Everyone was fine and Lexus (my car's name...and no, it is not a Lexus) received only minimal damage. I'm sOooO happy it wasn't my fault! Sorry about the car, Lane. The kid's insurance should cover any repairs.
After church, I was really scared to drive home...and for good reason. Driving down that steep hill past the temple, I was pumping the breaks constantly so that I was only going at a crawl and wouldn't slip. Unfortunately, when the three cars in front of me breaked in order to turn, I still couldn't stop and tried to move to adjust to the next lane to avoid another accident. Instead of changing lanes, however, Lexus went into a complete 360 degree turn, and there was nothing in the world I could do about it. After getting stuck in the shoulder, a guy helped me out and I s-l-o-w-l-y slipped and slid my way home. There was a meeting that I was supposed to be to at the church in an hour. Needless to say...I sat that one out.

And wouldn't you know it...these are the shoes I chose to wear to church today. The cop even commented, "Those are the wrong shoes to be wearing in the snow, girl." My toes were already well aware, thanks. I never dreamt I'd spend so long tromping through the elements.

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Craison said...

Oh my goodness! Better those shoes than flip flops! lol We are glad you are safe and feeling better. Love you!

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