A few weeks ago, my sis and I made a split-second decision to road trip Utah for our cousin Kylan's mission homecoming from Australia. We jumped in the car and 3 1/2 hours later we were pulling up to the Bountiful, Utah temple amidst an approaching storm. This lovely temple is just down the street from our cousin's home.

Becca's rebelliousness leaked out at the wrong moment, and she broke in to the temple grounds, by means of a small space in a locked gate.
Goodbye Becca.

After she had that out of her system and I bailed her out of prison, we walked to Sacrament Meeting for Kylan's talk.

What fun it was to see our handsomely cousin again. There's my short self amidst a small cluster of Brown cousins. In case you were curious which one is Kylan, he's the missionary-looking one in front of the Australian flag. You'd like 'em all. Hooray for family! Totally worth the trip.

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Jarmandashmar said...

Family is what it's all about:) That's awesome that you got to go down to Utah to see your cousin. I went to see my cousin when he got back from his mission in Hong Kong and it was great, totally worth the trip.

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