A first grader at the school that I work at was just diagnosed with
Leukemia the first week of the new school year. His mom set up this blog to keep everyone posted as he begins treatment. Personally, I despise the blog. It makes me cry every time I look at it, and I hate getting all emotional (my least favorite movie on the entire planet is Charly). It doesn't help that Jace's mother seems to have a gift for writing. But with that said, go check out the blog. It is updated regularly. Just be sure to read it with a box of Kleenex.


1. Here is a link to the local news coverage about the Pep Rally our school held in Jace's honor.


2. A support fund has been established at Beehive Federal Credit Union in Rexburg and Idaho Falls. Just ask for the ‘Jace Leatham Fund' to make a donation.

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Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Oh Rachel thank you so much for this post. I heard about Jace, but I couldn't remember his face.Thank you so much for posting his picture. He was such a sweety last year. I'm going to go look at his mother's blog now. I'll be sure and get some tissue first.

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