It was our third trip down to Utah last month, and all the hours on the road were beginning to drive us crazy. (Word.) How 'bout I let you in on a couple minutes of our insanity...
After half an hour of silence through barren flat lands, Andrew, without taking his eyes off the road, asked:

"Do you wanna have a tickle fight?"

His tone was way too serious for comfort.
"Don't you dare touch me."

His hand inched in my direction, resting stiffly on the center consul. We sat there for a minute before the suspense became too much for me. I punched him in the arm as hard as I could.

This only caused him to laugh delightedly, so I glared at him.

"Andrew, if you cross this line, I will punch your frickin' lights out." (We have a very honest, open relationship.)

After more hysterical laughter, he inched his hand towards me again, resting it ever so gently between us.

"You're walking a thin line, Mr."

"I'm not going to tickle you. I'm just going to show you affection. Don't you love me?"

"Yes, I love you. But my love for you lessens every time you tickle me."

"I thought you said your love was unconditional ."

"It is...until you tickle me."

"Then it's not unconditional!"

"Okay, fine. My love ISN'T unconditional. So you had better stop!"

These events cycled for some time, but I won't bore you with the particulars. Let's just say there was screaming, punching, karate chopping, and evil hysterical laughter involved. And let me add that it's a miracle we didn't crash and burn on that lonely Idaho highway.

When it comes to being tickled, I don't mess around. Just consider this a warning for all those anxious to take multiple road trips in one month...or drive with us in a car for hours at a time...or TRY and tickle Rachel Ashmore. And that's my story, the end. 


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