THANKFUL THURSDAY--I am thankful today...

1.For my new mittens. They complete me. I bought them and then informed Andrew he would be gifting them in my Christmas stocking.Yes, I acted surprised.

2. That even when it's cold enough outside, to freeze our windows on the inside...our little house still keeps us cozy and warm and dry. I am thankful for heaters.

3. That Andrew reads to me at night. I adore falling asleep this way. It helps me escape my exhausting review of the day and stressing about tomorrow that inevitably occurs before I can will myself to sleep. We are reading the Percy Jackson series right now...and for the parts I've been awake for...it's a really fun read.
4. And most of all...
That tomorrow is Friday. Returning to work after Christmas break kind of put my whole system into shock. I need the weekend to regroup and recover.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

I really loved the Percy Jackson series. Glad you're enjoying them too (at least partially). :)

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