Valentine's Day is probably my favorite holiday. (Next to Christmas.) It is simply so happy.
Life has dished out some bummer deals the last few weeks, and so as a way to distract myself from the blues, I have been all about the cheerful Valentine trimmings in my house.

I feel kind of bad that Andrew has to live in such a froofy, girly household.

He'll live, though.

This was given to me by my sister-in-law as a gift a few years back. If you still can't see it...each picture represents a letter of the word "LOVE."
You like? Grab a camera! Very easy to make!

This teddy bear is but one of many many knick knacks gifted by my students. To make it look "valentine-y," I hastily embroidered a little heart on its sweater.

I found these free downloads on the blog of Becky Higgins. Print them from your computer, put them in any ol' frame, and you've got yourself a quick, cost effective Valentine pretty for your house.

I printed this one out for me.

eighteen25 is offering this free subway art download.

They come in two color schemes. I printed this one.

Happy Heart Day from me to you!

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