Back in December, in celebration of Andrew's graduation and our 4th wedding anniversary, we took a vacation to Sun Valley Ski Resort. 

We checked in to the hotel amidst crazy snowfall. There were seventy-something inches on that mountain we'd be boarding on. 

The resort is insanely ritzy. We never could have gone were it not for a gift card given to help shoulder the cost. It felt like the kind of place you'd expect to see a movie star come around the corner at any moment. It was all very surreal. 

Finding our room.

Here was the cozy, happy, yellow stripe-ed bedroom. I loved it. 

Somehow, we ended up in one of the few rooms with a private balcony

The view was beautiful and forest-y and mountain-y. And as you can see from the accumulation on the railing...snowy. 

That first night, we relaxed, watched a movie, and drank hot chocolate next to the fire. 

The only thing needed to complete this picture is a french maid vacuuming in the background and a smoking cigar held nonchalantly in Andrew's left hand. 

Even the toilet paper was fancy. Have you ever seen something so ridiculous? I'm sorry, but I can't imagine a more foolish waste of my time then folding bathroom tissue into little points. 
I'm just too practical for the rich life I guess.

Outside the Inn, all the festively decorated trees made for a stunning, nighttime stroll. 

Not to mention the snow sculptures...

And the ice sculptures. I love the Christmas ornaments frozen inside!

In the morning, we splurged on room service. To give you an idea of just how grandiose this place is, we found a corn dog and fries on the kid's menu for nine bucks! 

But the food was yummy!

Um, Andrew? As much as I appreciate you demonstrating my point, will you please just smile at the camera like a normal human being? 

Thank you. That's better. 

Then we got dressed for a day on the slopes! 

That there is my: "I'm so stoked to go snowboarding on a foot of fresh powder today!" self portrait. 

And what a fine day it was for it too! Just look at that sunshine! 

But the rest of the story will have to be saved for another day...

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