We've experienced withdrawals since finishing the Percy Jackson series. We haven't found a series to take its place as our bedtime story yet, and so we go to sleep feeling as if our day wasn't quite complete, somehow. 

Being the swell fellow that Andrew is, he took matters into his own hands. Each night laying in bed, he makes up stories on the spot that never disappoint. Action...romance...life lessons...they've got it all.

Let me share my favorite thus far:

Once upon a time there was a frog named George. He had the sweetest lily pad in the whole pond. It was even featured on "Pimp My Pad." 

One day, there came a water fowl, and it started to eat him. But George put out his long, skinny frog arms and strangled that water fowl. While this was happening, somebody took a picture and titled it, "Never Give Up." {sound familiar?}

The frog eventually got spit out, and he had a huge following of girl frogs who thought he was so brave. But George wanted to find a girl froggy to settle down with--to take care of his tadpoles. 

One day, he met Martha and they fell madly in love. They joined their lily pads with fish hooks so they were together, and they made lots of tadpoles that turned into little froggies. Sometimes, the little froggies were naughty and George had to stick his tongue in their eyes. But eventually, the froggies all grew up to be good boys and girls, and they all moved out to have their own adventures. 


Nice, right? I swear, I almost had a conniption from laughing when he talked about disciplining the kiddos with eyeball licking. I'm still laughing, in fact. 

But who knows? Maybe he's on to something there. Have you tried it with your own kids?


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Hahahaha!! He is going to be such an amazing dad! That is awesome! Some people could try to tell their kid a story off the top of their head (me for example) but would fail miserably and in no way would it be as awesome as that!

Jessica said...

I'm having my own laughing conniption! Considering the day we've had. . . I'm very open to trying the eyeball licking method he is pioneering. (I'll let you know how it goes :) Loved the story and love you!

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