TEACHER TUESDAY {skinned bunnies and beans}

A student proudly brought a rabbit pellet to share with the class. One gal, running her hands over the soft fur, said:

"It's really sad, because you have to kill a bunny to get its fur."

A nearby boy said helpfully,"Well, you could just shave it."

I started laughing and tried to explain why this wouldn't work when my usually, clueless guy in the front suddenly sat up straight in his chair.

"Wait! Does shaving a bunny, kill it??"

It took several minutes to get the class back into control.

I was focused on checking names for homework completion when a favorite little character of mine came up and asked, "Do you want to hear something kind of sad?"

My absent minded, "uh huh," was encouragement enough.

"Well," he began, sighing dramatically, "I sneezed into two cans of beans, so I had to eat them all by myself.
Now I'm really gassy."

The checklist suddenly forgotten, I stared after him as he walked back to his desk. I never did come up with anything to say in response.

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Rach said...

LOVE the beans story.

Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Ha! My mom's been a teacher for 30 years and it is hilarious to hear the stuff kids come up with just to have something to say. Thanks for sharing! :)

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