I've been busy working on my bee-themed classroom for the first day of school (just a few days left!). As a result, my head is a whirl with cheesy bee puns. This "bee happy" banner I made is just a sneak peek of things to come.

So here's a story for ya:

I decided to be brave and enter some photography into our itty, bitty county fair. I printed three 8x10 photos, matted and framed them, and sheepishly handed then over at the fair grounds. I felt so foolish. It didn't help that I was completely surrounded by parents filling out entry forms for their children.

For several days after, I felt butterflies in my stomach every time I thought about going back. I had asked for my photography to be judged! How intimidating! What if I didn't get any prize at all?
But what if I did?
My thoughts eventually snowballed into grand visions of ribbons and recognition. By the time I went to see the results, I was entertaining myself with memories of Wilbur from Charlotte's Web, being paraded around the fair with a full marching band. It could happen, right?

That's not exactly how it played out.

Not only were pink Participant ribbons hanging from each of my frames, but two photos were hung SIDEWAYS on the wall, as if the judges couldn't even tell what they were supposed to be!

I'm trying not to let this one experience squelch all my hopes and dreams.

I have given up on vegetable gardens for now. For 3 years, I provided tender, loving care through the summer until school hit in August. Then, it all died...just as everything was nearing its harvest time. I'd just be too busy!

I was tired of putting in so much work for nothing. So this year, I threw handfuls of wildflower seeds in our garden box and called it good. I was worried when for a few months it looked like a box of weeds. But recently...it paid off.

Oh, and this is what our house currently looks like. Dormers built, shingles laid, and most walls sheeted.

Several windows still need to be cut out on the front, and others need to be made bigger. But this gives the general idea.

Next up: house wrap and window installation!

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