Yes, I am still talking about our NYC trip. I probably will be for another year...that's how many pictures I took. 

Having an art degree, this place was kind of a big deal for me. Like, I was in heaven. It was fun to see all the original paintings I had only ever seen in textbooks. 

The building itself was a piece of art. The design was so fun and open.

I like the movement and action captured just by repeating the image one more time.

Look familiar to anyone? Andy Warhol's Pop Art of Cambell's soup cans, Mickey Mouse, and other famous popular culture icons are really well known. 

This is a really famous painting

But mostly, it just gave me a strange urge to find my tweezers. 

This painting was certainly itty-bitty for being so famous. 

I was excited to find this, because I always plan a mini unit about real vs fantasy centered around Marc Chagall's paintings. It's so much fun to hear my third graders holding in-depth analytical discussions about his work. 

There were more Picassos than I can list. 

Andrew wasn't impressed with this famous painting. Neither was I, actually. 

I've always been a fan of Kandinsky. His paintings are happy. 

Kinda cool, I guess. 

There were several of Seurat's pointillist paintings. They don't do much for me. 

Am I the only one to get goosebumps from looking at a painting? 

Don't answer that.

I didn't realize this was so big. 

Cezanne is probably my favorite artist...because of the colors, and free, expressive strokes, and defined outlines. I wish they had more there at MoMA. 

And there were a nice collection of Van Goghs...

Such as this grand finale of the day. I know that it's a super trendy, over circulated, commercialized painting...but it really is incredible art. It's so much better in person.

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Andrea said...

How did I not know you had an art degree?
That's awesome.
I love how anything and everything can be considered art.
I volunteered to be the art docent at Braxton's school. I may be contacting you!....yet again.

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