*Andrew and I played a game of pool this week. And just so you are aware, I won. Fair and square. I thought this was news worth shouting from the rooftops. 

*You'll never guess the fabulous way in which I am spending my harvest break...
Attending a state-mandated math class for teachers...EIGHT hours a day...Monday through Friday!!! 
You're jealous, right?  
I was determined to be reeally grumpy over being robbed of my vacation time, until this math class had the nerve to be...fun. 

I can't believe I just said that.

Basically, I've learned the following:
1.) Despite being an expert teacher of algorithms, I know nothing.
2.) I was taught to follow procedures rather than to think for myself. 
3.) I have been teaching my students to follow procedures rather than to think for themselves. 
4.) When I actually use my brain, I'm not so bad at math after all. 

My mind is officially blown.

But all this math is taking it's toll on me. Let me illustrate:

If xy = z, and x = number of hours in class and y = number of days in class, then z = 40 hours of thinking mathematically. 

z also equals: 
My brain literally aching like an overworked muscle at the end of each day...And my mind continuing to work the problems from class in my dreams all night long...And a very tired Rachel upon waking each morning...And a 3rd grade teacher who is SO EXCITED to teach her next math lesson!

*It is October 6th, today. 

October SIXTH, people!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet, here I was, taking pictures from our bedroom window this evening.

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Mrs. Ashmore said...

Good for you! I used to love math when I was younger...then my kids had to do it...they totally do everything different now! Many times I had to say to them..."I can get the answer...but not the way the teacher wants!" Now I get to help with whitney's and it's the same story! Even the terminology has changed...I need to learn all over again myself! love you!

and it was snowing here today too!!! crazy!! a far cry from AZ!

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