I raved about my lovely new wreath on this blog over a year ago. Twice, I think--embarrassingly enough. But I bring it up again because of what I found tucked inside the storage box it spends most of the year in down in our cold storage room... 

As Andrew and I were packing away Christmas decorations last January, he disappeared for a few minutes after I asked him to box up my lovely, new wreath. When he reappeared, I was ceremoniously presented with this contract requiring me to sign away (twice) any rights I had to anger and blame in the event of an accident. 

Smart guy, right? 

I completely forgot about it until I stumbled upon it while decorating for Christmas this year. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Although the contract never had to be produced or enforced (the wreath still being intact), it did earn Andrew a kiss for being so dang cute. 

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