1.) During the phase of trimming the house, I've learned to use...THE CHOP SAW. 

(cue intense music)

I thought it was worth bragging about. It made me feel involved and important to cut the wood that now borders our doors and windows. 

2.) I am purging our house of extra stuff. Room by room, closet by closet, I ruthlessly throw all sorts of things in the pile to donate or throw away. 

I'm not even halfway through the house yet, and it already feels so good.

3.)One of my New Year's goals is to better learn the functions on my camera. I use everything except the full manual setting, because when I do, it turns out like that. Without fail.

Nonetheless, I am determined. I am resolute! I WILL enhance my skills because, hey...there's only room for improvement at this point, right?

4.) I am the new owner of a gym membership these past few months. I've always resisted paying someone for the privilege to exercise when I can simply jog around my block for free. But I've learned that bringing myself to run around the block...free or not... just doesn't happen. 

My motivation is zilch. 

But with so much money leaving my pocket each month, you can bet I'll be at that gym almost daily. 

And it feels good to run, lift weights, and catch up on the home decorating shows I never see at homwithout cable TV.

When I get back, I like to reward myself with a special treat. 
(No wisecracks, please.)

I justify this by using the tiny plastic bowls acquired from our last (and final) date night at KFC. (I swear, that place serves glorified frozen TV dinners. yuck.) The bowls are perfect though, because they hardly hold more than a small scoop. 

It's all about portion control, people. 

5.) I received an e-mail today from my uncle wishing a happy National Popcorn Day. I never knew such a joyful day existed. 

And wouldn't you know, just by happy coincidence, my breakfast this morning consisted of a bowl of popcorn. 

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