About Me

Hello. My name is Rachel. Thanks for visiting this little blog about my little life. Let me introduce myself a little further!

The most important facts about me are:
1. I am in love with my husband. He has dimples, makes me laugh, and can build beautiful things with wood.

2. I am a Mormon. I believe in a Heavenly Father, His son Jesus Christ, and modern-day prophets. Read more about this by clicking on the Religion  tab above.

3. I am a third grade teacher. As such, I am usually stressed out...but it is my dream job! I love to teach. Check out my collection of darndest things students have said over the years by clicking the button on the sidebar.

4. I am a creative, artsy, home decoratin', crafty kinda gal. My paint brush, sander, glue gun, and I are great friends. Go ahead and browse through my collection of tutorials and tips by clicking the crafty tutorials button on the sidebar.

5. We live in a small-town in the beautiful state of Idaho. I am surrounded by red barns, pick-up trucks, and potato fields. And Spud harvest 'round these parts is a BIG DEAL.

6. I am a compulsive picture taker. I can't help it. Click the photography label on the sidebar for some of my favorites.

7. I find normal, every-day life very entertaining. Even here in small-town Idaho...or maybe I should say ESPECIALLY here in small-town Idaho.

Go ahead and introduce yourself. I love to make new blog buddies! And don't forget to stop by for a visit every now and again. =)

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