Brown Family Reunion

We spent a few days in Utah with my mom's family. It was fun to hang with those that we hardly ever see because they live far away in D.C. or Saipan. My cousins are starting to have adorable babies of their own that are miniatures of themselves. So cute! If you don't know the family I realize this post won't mean much to you. I'm sorry for those of you who don't though cause the Brown family pretty much rocks.

Chillin' in the shade, digesting Aunt Joy's yummy cooking: Heather Tebbs, Lenita & John Keller, Uncle Aaron, and Andrew.

Heather and her "Toby baby". He has curly hair, dimples, and big blue eyes. Awww...

Andrew participated in some serious male bonding with my little cousins: playing football and soccer, teaching them how to wrestle, and as pictured, lounging on the couch flipping through the sports channels. Andrew was so fun to watch with the little guys. They got pretty tight.

Aunt Shauna, Aunt Chelta, Nana Donna, Uncle JJ, Aunt Rita, and little Summer and Kennedy

My cousin Lenita has the sweetest little Samuel...plus they announced she's expecting their 2nd at the beginning of next year!

Karsten: the coolest goober of a cousin.

One of Aaron and Chelta's girls: McKenna
Isn't she a pretty thing?

Rob and Joy's youngest: Janaya sportin some crazy flower power =)

My sister Rebecca. She's cool. Most of the time. =)

Aaron and Chelta's boy Braden
We like him. Talk about a sweetheart.

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Corrine said...

that looks like it was a lot of fun!! I love being around family!! :)

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