Road Trip!

So, Andrew and I spent the last week in Washington. It was a LONG trip there and back and poor Andrew was getting a wee bit bored with all that driving. He started to make weird noises, sing, and even dance in order to entertain himself. He actually does this all the time...he's kind of a ham =).I was looking for something to do too so I decided to capture his crazy antics on camera without him knowing. This was tricky. I pretended to be going through the pictures we had taken on the trip so he wouldn't be suspicious. Then, after a few minutes, I slyly turned on the video camera and and got some hilarious footage of Andrew... just being Andrew.

Sorry the sound of the car is so loud. You'll have to turn the volume up to hear him. And sorry if it is kinda slow at the beginning, keep watching til the end...it gets pretty good. Andrew sure had a good laugh when I showed him this finished product! He had no idea! (if for some reason it doesn't want to work on our blog click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upsMYtB972E&feature=email )

Andrew is posting more details about the Washington Trip soon...

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