Where the blacktop ends...

We've been wanting to go camping this summer for while now and we were very excited to go this last weekend! What a beautiful drive it was to get there! Past Newdale and Teton, we took a turn on a gravel road and were surrounded by farmland for as far as the eye could see. But then within a few miles we went from rolling wheat and potato fields to a thick green forest of firs, pines, and aspens seemingly out of nowhere!

We prefer to camp far away from people and civilization and after exploring the maze of winding dirt roads for a bit, we came across this sweet little spot. From the time that we pulled back into the trees and set up camp, we didn't see another person until we packed up and got back on the road. Now that's real camping! I have to say, that romping around the woods in Andrew's truck made us miss our friends Travis and Brittany. Such happy memories!

Andrew's manly self prepares the coals for our chicken dinner =P

Our campsite was nestled next to a meadow of the most incredible display of wildflowers I've ever seen.

When we went out exploring the next morning, we found fresh deer beds in the meadow where entire families spent the night in the long grasses.

Rachel wading in the creek. Though you can not tell in the picture, this spot by the water was swarming with butterflies of all colors.

A moose. We were CloSE! Surprisingly, she didn't seem too concerned that we were watching her. She studied us for a sec and then kept right on eating. We saw a good sized 4x4 buck too but it was concerned by our presence and took off before we could get pictures.

What a cool camping trip!!Posted by Picasa


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Oh you kids have a blog! SWEET!! I love the picture with the log and the red flowers! So artistic!!

Travis and Brittany said...

that looks like so much fun!!! i wish we lived back there so we could go camping with you guys! i have been wanting to go camping for so long but there is not very many places to go out here without driving a while.:( but im glad you guys had fun and we hope to see you soon!

Corrine said...

That seems like SO much fun!! It is so nice to just get away!!

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