Sweatshirt Weather

I heard on the radio that there is a chance of rain and SNOW this weekend! I suppose that summer is officially over now. On my way to work in the morning, I drive past groves of yellow and orange trees with my heater on full blast. Our families back home are wearing shorts and flipflops and lounging in pools. Andrew is excited for this sweatshirt weather. We love Idaho's change of seasons! Arizona's seasons consist of HOT, not quite so hot, and a little chilly. The only feel for fall I had growing up was when my teachers used contruction paper cornstalks to decorate our classrooms with. It still seems so magical here in Idaho to actually have the trees outside the color of flames, leaves flying everywhere, and farmers harvesting potatos out in the fields. All of the public schools around here are actually out for almost two weeks in honor of this "spud harvest". Community members...even as young as my third graders...are out working with these spuds! Anyway, to all you poor family and friends sweating in the "Valley of the Sun"...Happy Fall! This is fall done the right way.

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Travis and Brittany said...

I also love fall!!! The weather changing is my favorite time of year! I love being able to wear sweatshirts and make warm soup and everything!!
We miss you guys and hope to see you soon!!

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