Hasta la Vista Linoleum!

Andrew got some free leftover wood flooring from work and so we wanted to spruce up our kitchen. We didn't have enough for the whole floor but the owners of the house were willing to pay the difference for the rest of the wood. Andrew's been working on it in his very limited spare time and it is already looking awesome! I have always loved the look of wood floors.

The linoleum in the kitchen is not great. I hate how it always looks dirty no matter how I clean it.

Look at the difference! Andrew is such a stud. I LOVE that I have a husband who can do manly stuff like this.

The only downside to all of this is that in the meantime, the house is a disaster area! Furniture and junk is piled everywhere among the usual piles of laundry and third grade lesson planning materials.

The other night, the kitchen was such a mess that it was just easier for us to set dinner up on the half-wood, half-linoleum floor instead of moving all of our stuff around to make the table and the chairs usable. I'm sure it was a comical sight to see us trying to eat like this. But honestly, it was kinda fun...and kinda romantic in an odd sorta way...so I had to shoot a pic. (Isn't my Andrew such a cutie?) The floor should be finished this weekend and I am supa' stoked!


Kriese Family said...

I love finding people via others blogs!! How exciting for the new floor. I know what you mean by having a husband that can do "manly" things- isn't it great :)!!

Lindsey Springfield said...

gotta love handy hubbies!

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