Christmas Tree!

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we drove up to the mountains and found our selves a Christmas tree! It is such an adventure to cut down our own tree! Growing up in Arizona, we would drive to a corner lot in the city where a whole bunch of perfect little pre-cut trees were sold. Then we would pick one out and take it home. It's a different experience all together to tromp through snow in a fog-filled forest for hours at a time in order to find this perfect tree!
Andrew on the hunt for a tree and looking so manly in the process.

It doesn't look like much snow, but I was soaked through by the time we finished. There hasn't been snow in Rexburg yet, so I didn't expect to see this much only half an hour from home. Here I am holding the saw as if I did so much work. Honestly I stood by and watched. My most important contribution (besides making the final decision on the tree) was yelling "TIMBER!" as it was falling over. (I had to be sure that no one got in the way, of course.)

This is the finished product! We had so much fun getting it set up! Decorating is definitely my favorite part about Christmas. (Andrew did a wonderful job of unwrapping and handing over each ornament so that I could place it on the tree.=0)) What do ya think?

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