Tributes to our mothers

Rhonda, you make really cute babies...I'm sure glad.
(Look at those eyes!)

You must have been a super mom in order to raise Andrew so super.

Andrew says that he got his super strength from you...

Not surprised. Check out those guns! =)

I can tell where he got all that personality too! =)

Happy Mother's Day! We're both grateful for you.


I've always been told I look like her...that's just fine with me.

I sure appreciate her dealing with my crap.
(I was an exceptionally bossy, strong-willed little snot...still working on that.)

Cool shades, Mom! I'm guessing this was the early 90's??

Mom made for a very happy childhood. Even as a busy, single mother, she worked hard to give us all sorts of enriching experiences:
camping, vacations, museums, days at the park, planetariums, art, dance, and music lessons, plays, hikes...just to name a few. I remember her reading aloud to us often, sharing movies she loved, playing with us in the pool, and chaperoning us on field trips.
Even more than all that, I remember the times we spent talking and laughing in the living room. We always had such a good time together.
Mom is one of the few people I know without guile.
She's such a wise, cheerful, good-hearted woman.

Ahhh, Look at us...aren't we a cute little family? Thanks mom. You did good.

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Andrea said...

Those pictures are so great! What a sweet post. I love the snotty one, Rachel. Looks too familiar...those Ashmore boys sure are patient with us, huh.

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