After lots of adventures and lots of snapshots, I have decided that I want to share them with all of you. It's one thing to take a some pretty photographs. But to compile them for display and declare myself a "photographer" suddenly adds some pressure that is very intimidating...I am no professional. But here goes! (Remember to be really nice!) Introducing:

A new blog entirely devoted to my little snapshots.

Go check it out!


Tikla said...

Hey! k, so Austin and I have been trying to find someone who could just take simple snapshots of the reception. His sister-in-law is taking my bridals and our wedding photos, but we kind of want her to be able to relax at the reception (she is going to be very pregnant) so...if you want to. it wouldn't be anything fancy or crazy, just a snap of the cake cutting and the dancing. Tell me what you think! ;D

Rachel Ashmore said...

Sure! I just got my boss to give me the time off, so I can stay for the wedding. I'm so excited! It sounds like it will be beautiful from the way you were describing it. I'll do my best to take some pretty pictures for you!

Tikla said...

Oh I can't thank you enough!!! That would be soo wonderful, and by all means let that be your gift to us! Tell Andrew hi and I'll see you soon!

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