My little sister, Rebecca, moved into our guest room temporarily. She is transferring to BYU-Idaho and is on the lookout for a place to live along with a job to pay her rent. In the meantime, we have enjoyed showing her around this neck of the woods.

We took a little drive to Mesa Falls. Very pretty.

Becca overlooks Mesa Falls.

At Porter Park, Becca introduced us to her long board.

{If I look a little nervous it's because I am.}

Then we explored a bit of Beaver Dick Park.
{Yes, you heard correctly.}

{Becca was apparently really excited about it}

We didn't stay long though, because the mosquitoes were making us crazy.

Also, Becca was a good sport and helped me practice my camera skills.
{more to come}

We've been trying to get others to move to Idaho for awhile now, so you can imagine our excitement when it actually worked on Becca. Any other takers? (Lane, you should totally come to school here!)


Lindsey Springfield said...

that must be so fun to have your sister there! such cute pics! your hunny got some nice air when you 2 are jumping, lol!

Tikla said...

Wow that last picture of Becca is breathtaking!

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