Most everything about the Brown Reunion this year revolved around Austin and Tikla's Wedding...but a lot was sure going on behind the scenes as well. We cousins had all sorts of fun!

We spent quite a bit of time setting up and decorating for the reception . Here, Tara wires origami flowers to branches.

After a time, we gathered at a nearby park. A mini Olympics were held with events in Frisbee throwing, sprints, and three-legged races.
Above: Alexa, {pink shirt} deserved a gold medal for her freakishly fast running skills in her age division.
Cousins wandered through this ICE COLD stream to cool off.
{Tara, Janaya, Becca, Samuel, and Alexa}

{Alexa, Samuel, and Becca}

After dinner at the church, David (newest RM of the family) gave a great Family Home Evening lesson about the Book of Mormon. Above is an object lesson illustrating that the BOM as the "keystone" of our religion. (The chairs got pulled further and further away from Karsten in the middle until the girls standing on them could not let go of Karsten without falling down.)

Then Paul and Lisa put on a supa' fun family version of "What's My Line?"
Whose underwear dropped out of their locker in front of cute classmates of the opposite sex?
Heather, Me, or David??
Most definitely Heather. She has a gift for such things. =)

The next day, Tikla became a Fife.

Aimee and her little men: Miles and Ethan

Jaiden wants to help pat Miles too!

Killing time between the wedding and the reception:
We kept to tradition. The cousins played lots of games...and I laughed til my sides hurt.

Davin and his nephew Samuel

We were pleased to come across an empty high council room. It was perfect for rousing games of Psychiatrist, What If?, and Mafia.

Playin Games
{Hyram, Sammy, Davin, Lexi, Jaiden, Audra, and Micheal}

Karsten: There just aren't any words.


Watching the Fifes drive away after the reception.

Which cousin will be next?



Tanaya and Tim said...

Ha Ha! I'm glad to catch a sneak peek of your family reunion. I bet Heather's underwear fell out in front of TRACY! How fun!

aaraomarrao said...

Rachel....you did a magnificent job on this post.. Well done Girl! I love your artistic eye and the comments were just perfect. Thanks for sharing

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