1.) A gargantuan 50-inch screen television is being stored in our living room for a friend. It looks rather ridiculous on the stand we have. And it is so big it has required me to move the pictures around on the walls so that they aren't hidden behind it.

We don't really watch TV, but our movie watching has sure been fun these days! We hope to conveniently "misplace" it before our friend comes to pick it up.

2.) This van was spotted in the Melaleuca parking lot downtown with the following message painted on the windows:

Does this freak anybody else out?

3.) A naked baby was recently seen on the hood of an F-250 in the Gringo's Parking Lot.

I'm not really sure why I thought anybody else would be interested in this random event. Just plain weird.

4.) My little sisters continue to be dang adorable.

5.) Lucky us. My love and I are off to the beautiful state of Washington tomorrow!! We are to spend an entire week playing at the lake with friends and then visiting fun family members! Catch you all lata'!


Erin said...

I thought for a moment that you were talking about a REAL naked baby. I was quite relieved to see that was not the case. The plastic baby is pretty strange though...

Tanaya and Tim said...

Those are some great pictures! I should be more aware of strange goings on around here too. Have fun in Washington!

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