1.) Our friends invited us to vacation with them in Washington at their parent's house on Lake Palmer.

2.) The deck was larger than the square footage of our home...

3.) And it provided us with views such as this...

4.) We enjoyed a private dock and beach...

5.) From which deer drank from the lake in the mornings.

6.) We played with toys such as these...

7.) And took countless rides on just about the only boat on the lake.
{Amanda and Ashlyn}

8. And got in some sweet wake-boarding time
{Andrew jumping}

9.) All while Osprey hunted for fish nearby

10.) We plucked and ate peaches whenever we felt like it...

...Directly off from the beach.

11.) We got to hang out with all these cool people.

12.) The guys went out fishing early every morning

13.)...And caught LOTS of them to clean on the beach and smoke for dinners.
{Wyatt and Cody}

14.) From our bedroom window, I watched a bald eagle dive and snatch a fish out the water! I caught up with it later to snap this picture.

15.) We were constantly entertained by this rambunctious little one

16.) On a drive above the lake, wild rams let us get super close.

17.) Our friend's aunt brought her harp to the lake. As humorous as that sounds, the background music was sure pretty to match the scenery. =)

18.) The reason I look so happy and relaxed in this picture is because...I AM. Unforgettable vacation.

Are you jealous yet? =)

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Yep . . . I'm jealous!!!!

What an absolutely beautiful place! It looks like you had a truly wonderful time and your wildlife pictures are stunning. Hooray for vacations and hooray for your blog! You always make me smile and I love reading your stories.

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