This is the very, final post about Washington. I just had to share a few random happenings from our vacay.

On a dirt road drive near Palmer Lake, we happened upon the coolest, oldest wood building ever. (the little red sign may or may not say 'No Trespassing')

Inside were the coolest old beams wrapped with vines that had worked their way through the walls.

All I could think about was what an awesome setting it would be to take portraits. When I mentioned it to Andrew he snapped one for me. =)

Once again, I was this close to the border and couldn't get across. I had forgotten my birth certificate. Who cares about Canada, anyway? =(

Later, we were here...
(Can you say GORGEOUS?)

...when I almost died.

After pausing to take a picture of my predicament, Andrew risked everything to save me. My hero.

After Andrew graduates, we plan on moving here. Anyone care to join us? We'll have plenty of room.

Apparently, apples is to Washington as potatoes is to Idaho. We passed THOUSANDS of these apple picking boxes stacked in rows, patiently waiting for fall.

This is a bush that made me very happy, because it reminded me of Christmas.

Have I mentioned that Washington is gorgeous?

Look who we got to sit by on the drive there and back! No one could keep her entertained and happy quite like Andrew.

We stopped in a little touristy town that reminded us of West Yellowstone or a mini Jackson Hole. Very cute place to walk around.

Well, darn. Now you know all about my whorish, beer drinking ways.

It just seemed right to be holding drippy ice cream cones in such a quaint, happy place.

So we did.


Dot said...

Rachel these pictures are awesome! I love that old barn or house or whatever it was!

Erin said...

Washington looks like the COOLEST place! Holy cow! I still can't get over that picture of the house next to the cliff...I'm telling Sam to get a job in Washington right now.

Rach said...

i love washington too...but i am a wee bit biased. I have totally been to winthrop too! and eated icecream at that exact place and sat on those saddles by the shop.

good luck with the new school year!

Lindsey Springfield said...

cute pics! gorgeous trip/place!!

Tikla said...

that picture of your "predicament" had got to be the cutest picture ever!

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