In honor of three happy years together, I thought I would re-post our very first blog post. It documents our love story. Our love story? It's a good one. Andrew and I were definitely meant to be together. The Lord's hand was very apparent during that phase of our lives. Many of the miraculous details aren't apart of the story we wrote below, but this gives an overall gist.
In some ways, I can't believe it's only been three years! (I mean that in a good way of course) It just seems so much longer. I can hardly remember life before I had my Andrew. Wasn't I a miserable, unhappy wreck? All I know is life would sure be like that now if I suddenly didn't have him anymore! Love ya, babe. You're my perfect match in every way.


Erin said...

I couldn't help reading your story again. I remember when you and Andrew came over to our place in Rexburg thinking how perfect you two were/are for each other. Happy Anniversary!

Sam Payne said...

Erin and I (honestly Erin visits more than I do), but we love your blog. We love your upbeat attitudes and enjoy seeing what you're doing. We also love the song (Lucky)...we had to buy it on iTunes.

Hope all is well. Happy Anniversary.

Lindsey Springfield said...

Happy Anniversary!

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