Christmas break has started! (Let me hear you say YEe-ahh!)
Preparing for the 25th has kept life just as busy...but in a good way. I'm beginning to get really excited! I have holiday music playing all day (Jewel's Christmas CD is my all-time fav), the guest bed all made up with clean sheets and new pillows, and I've even had self control enough to obey Andrew's order not to go in the garage (he's storing my Christmas present in there). When I was a kid, I remember being so excited for Christmas morning, I would stress that the world would end before it ever came around. My anticipation isn't quite as extreme anymore...but pretty close. An example of what I'm up against: check out that monster of a present that can't even fit under our tree! Are you just a little bit curious as to what it is? =)
Can't tell you yet!

We built gingerbread houses over the weekend (more pics to come). The remains of Andrew's have been sitting on a cookie sheet in the kitchen. Andrew was simmering some dinner last night. He didn't have a lid big enough to cover the pan...so Andrew got innovative and plopped the entire cookie sheet, gingerbread house and all, over top of the pan of stroganoff. I had a good laugh when I walked in on such a silly image. Whatever works I suppose.

I spent every moment yesterday, between cleaning, errands, and gift wrapping, chipping away at the mountain of dirty laundry that had taken over one side of our bedroom. At the end of the day, I was rather pleased with all that I had accomplished...until I realized it was time to start chipping away at the mountain of clean clothes that now needed to be folded! Tell me. Does laundry EVER end?? Hmmm...I wonder if Andrew's hiding a housekeeper for me in that garage.

But anyway, here's a copy of this year's Christmas card! (click picture for bigger view)

(Yes, we are on a giant potato.)

Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year to all our
friends and fellow bloggers!
May we all survive the preparation and anticipation!

Lots of Love,

Andrew & Rachel Ashmore


Lindsey Springfield said...

so cute & way creative! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Amelia Brame said...

No joke- laundry is the pits! Not only do you have to wash it- but then it has to be folded! Bleh! :)

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