After Christmas, Andrew's sister Gabriel, came to visit with her hubby John, and their two leading ladies: Riley and Laney. We played lots of games, watched lots of movies, and played lots in the new snow. (Here's a picture of my Progressive Rummy hand that will very soon kick every one's tushes.)

I'm guessing that Riley was feeling a little left out during this round. =)

Here's little Laney. She's pretty chill.

I swear, she looks like a china doll in this picture.

Outside our warm home, it looked like this:

So Andrew and I took Riley for a walk around the block to enjoy it. Little Miss Energizer Bunny didn't stop running the entire time. She was so excited. Most of the pictures from this excursion were of a cute blurry Riley backside. Here, she follows in her Uncle's footsteps.

Riley sure loves her Uncle Roo!

"Ha ha, Auntie Rachel! You can't keep up with me!"

No worries. I was content with my view from behind.
(How sweet is that? It would be sweeter if Riley would have let Andrew hold her hand, but NO...she is much too independent for such nonsense!)


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