A couple days after X-mas, we drove Mom and Becca to Jackson, WY, for the day. The Tetons were sure majestic under that blanket of Christmas snow.

The drive was almost as fun as the destination. We read comics, rocked out to my new Taylor Swift CD, and were just plain goofy. Family is so fun. .

And of course, I had to take some pictures. What a beautiful, sparkly drive it was! Click HERE for a few more of the trip through Jackson Pass.

For an updated family picture, we stopped on our way at the giant potato...again. Mostly I wanted to try out my new tripod. How did I ever live without one?
(Mom totally kicked Andrew in the head a second after this was taken. It was an accident of course...but sooo funny.)

Jackson is the best. Ever been? So quaint and touristy and artsy...and still so festively decorated for Christmas! Here is "take one" of Andrew and me in old town Jackson. (Andrew always needs a few practice shots first before he gets his sillies out.)


I won't mention how many takes it required before we got this one.

Pretty Mommy.

Oh No. That giant stuffed polar bear in the middle of this department store is going to EAT us. FYI: We were lucky enough to escape unscathed.

Meanwhile, Andrew was distracted by wildlife of his own.

I was wondering why he was making such a goofy expression until I stood in the same spot, and suddenly, I understood. lol!
(Doesn't it look like he's smiling for the camera?)

I was in heaven, wandering through countless high-end art and photography galleries, outdoor sporting goods stores, and charming little book shops. But nothing compared to this glorious sight.

Now, I've been to Disneyland several times, and I'd say it's a pretty happy place. But, I don't think the guys in charge of slogans over there have ever been to this candy store.

Becca: wandering around the happiest place on earth packed wall to wall with every imaginable goody. I'll admit it. I have a sweet tooth...a really big one.

Guess what I discovered? Huckleberry Fudge. (They gave free samples of a whole parade of fudges.) Who even knew such an exalted sweet existed? This place was so magical, I just had to take lots of pictures.

The snow, the lights, the decorations, and the magic of Jackson sure made me miss Christmas. I love this picture! Nativity set, presents, ribbons, wreath, and stockings. And the TV's reflection shows our Christmas tree and the shape of a paper snowflake cut-out hanging in the window. Sigh. This'll have to hold me over til next year...

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