We make a good team, Andrew and me.

Despite our challenges learning to live with each other.
For example, Andrew is NEVER to TOUCH ME while I'm applying eye makeup (Very important to his physical safety). And I am not to deem Andrew's stinky toots: the end of the world. (They may be even slightly funny--believe me, I've come a long way).

Because, I don't think we could ever NOT live with each other.
Without him, my cell phone would never get charged.
(I can hardly ever find my phone, let alone keep it charged.)
And without me, the lint trap in the dryer would never get emptied.
(I swear, our dryer will one day explode on us)

And besides, who else would eat all the bugs from his hair?

You see? A Perfect match. We need each other.

Happy Heart Day, my love!


Corrine said...

that is so cute!! you two are made for each other!! miss ya!

Jessica said...

Sweet! I hope you both had a very happy day and that you keep being happy together for at least more than a million years :) (This is John's and my favorite way of referring to our together forever.)

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