1. Report Cards are due
2. Ashmore family arrives from Arizona
Right Now....
{What my dining room table looks like}

{What no-time-to-make-dinner looks like}

{What avoiding laundry for several weeks looks like}

{What the trash doesn't usually
look like--I promise}

{What our naked bed looks like}

{What I wish the guest room didn't look like at this hour}

{what my least favorite chore looks like}

{And what I look like, already--flattering, I know.}

And Tomorrow....
Nobody tell my in-laws what my immaculate
house looked like 12 hours ago. Thanks.


Natalia said...

You don't know me but I am married to Ty Moore. I love reading your blog because I can relate to it so much. I am also a teacher (in a permanent sub position in a 6th grade classroom.) My house has looked like that sometimes. This week we have parent-teacher conferences and I have a feeling these photos are going to be seen in my own apartment! :)

Lindsey Springfield said...

You crack me up. I always love your posts, your honest, fun & sincere!

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